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We are one of the leading logistics operators in Poland. Our company has been offering complex services since 1991. Thanks to our 30-year old experience in the Polish and foreign market and our maximum involvement as well as the competencies of our staff, we guarantee reliability, safety and most importantly meeting deadlines.

The company’s seat is in Warsaw while its Logistics Centres are in Osieczna (near Leszno) and Dąbrowa Górnicza.
Despite cooperation with multiple renowned customers ranked high in the industry, our company does not stop its constant effort to expand the database of customers and increasing the quality of the provided services.

Europegaz increases the value of the company by developing an organization which is fully flexible and open to the customer’s needs within the full scope of logistic services. The above aims are achieved by the implemented strategy of constant development of the company while minimizing its negative impact on the environment. We are hoping that the information presented on our website will encourage you to contact us and consequently allow to establish cooperation.


We provide comprehensive logistics services. We approach each customer individually, constantly raising level of innovation in our services. We care about the environment and improve quality. Our benefits:

Comprehensive services

We provide services in a comprehensive way, giving our customers a safe and timely execution of projects. We serve a full logistics process, starting from the coordination of production plans, through planning, consolidation, optimizing cargo area, advisory, preparing a full shipping documentation, planning and ordering of outgoing shipments, transporting, to the customs clearance. Such a set of competences is a guarantee of time and capital savings for our clients.

Global reach

Our special co-packing campaigns are global. Thanks to the modern management system and logistics processes, we are able to quickly integrate with the client system. With some of our clients we work continuously for 10 years.


We are very flexible – both in the planning stage and during implementation of the project. We are realizing “dynamic co-packing campaigns”. It means that we are able to adapt to variations of the order changing its assumptions, particularly the term of the contract.

Always online

In the case of almost every project we are able to provide our customers an essential tool for tracking orders – all online via dedicated interface. Through that interface we also generate reports of the implementation of the work.


As one of the leading logistics operators in Poland, Europegaz implemented a highly modern and innovative process management system, WMS (Warehouse Management System). This highly specialized system streamlines all processes that occur in our warehouses. Our WMS has a number of functions related to the location of the goods, quantitative control, monitoring the course of stock turnover, and many other features to improve the daily work in our warehouse.

Active advisory

In addition to the extensive logistics service offerings, we also have a skilled team of specialists in purchasing and materials science. In the case of co-packing we actively advise our clients in the selection of materials for the manufacture of various types of advertising products or new packaging concepts.

Concern for the environment

We minimize our negative impact on the environment and continually improve the level, speed and service processes. We invest in the stock that meets Euro 5 standards and in innovative fleet management system, Transics, which ensures the economic and ecological driving (eco-driving).

Individual approach

For each client we create individual instruction and individual algorithms dedicated to the service included in our map processes.

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